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    1st Steps Handgun Notification

    Remedial or Beginning Shooters, Introduction to Handgun
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    GUNSMOAK CWP Notification

    SC SLED Certified Concealed Weapon Permit Training
    min 8 hrs
    Includes Exam & 50 rnd Qual
    Expect weekly announcements/reminders


    ADVANCED CWP Notification

    Practical Concealment, Shared Wisdom, & Practical Fire Drills
    approx 1 hr drive, dress for wilderness outdoor/range setting
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    JUNE4CWP Mail List

    Rea & Friends June 4 CWP.
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    UTAH CFP Notification

    Approx 4hr class to apply for UTAH Non-Resident Concealed Firearm Permit
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    Special Purchase opportunities
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    Political News Flashes or Calls for Action regarding our LIBERTIES!
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    Faith, Religion, Touchy-Feely Stuff Club
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    Turn your Retirement into a Living!

    Please email for additional information.